Recognising & Working On Our Biases: (Online Workshop)

15/10/2020, 12:00:00

The aims of the session are:

1. Diversity – why it matters

2. Our inner circle – understanding ingroup vs outgroup

3. Recognising our biases

4. The whole picture

5. Unconscious bias and their impact in our decision-making processes

6. Strategies for taking more fair decisions – an ongoing journey

7. Questions and answers

To get the maximum benefit of the workshops,

delegates are encouraged to participate in the different activities.

A safe and supportive space will be provided for reflection.

Rosa has worked in education in Oxford for over ten years, both as a teacher (I am a qualified teacher) and as a manager. She is a passionate educator who has promoted diversity and inclusion in all her lessons both for young people and adults and has also supported teachers to do so.

Aware that implicit biased attitudes keep impacting children and adults’ lives at school and convinced that young people’s experiences at school must be positive, she created the social enterprise EGALVIA in January to tackle racial and other forms of discrimination.

Rosa provides anti-bias workshops for young people and adults, and services to support organisations to work towards more inclusive working environments.

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