Survival to Revival pt 1: (online event)

14/10/2020, 12:00:00

There’s no denying that business is rapidly changing & we need to adapt just as fast

This session will look at how you can springboard your business into growth after it has been mothballed as a result of Covid 19

It will also take you through the journey of preparing your business for potential investment

Nass is the business strategist and founder of Business Pulse. Business Pulse stands for…”Transforming business to great effect, controlling business finances and helping formulate a strategy for business, which pays dividends, now and into the future.”

Prior to this, he has held the role of Chief Executive Officer of iTopia Group, turning over 10.2 million; as well as co-owned a start-up, taking it from the its infancy to a multi-million pound turnover.

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