Better Business Day

The world needs business at its best – helping to fix urgent problems like climate change and inequality. The Better Business Act would transform the way that the UK does business so every company takes ownership and responsibility for its social and environmental impact.

At a time when we face many urgent challenges, we’re supporting the Better Business Act to see changes to the law so that it is no longer an option for businesses to pursue profit at the expense of workers, communities and the environment.

There is a growing ecosystem of organisations and campaigns involved in supporting purpose-driven businesses. As a B Corp, Living Wage and gold certified ‘Committed 2 Equality’ employer, we at TownSq are working to support change and that’s why we’ve attended the Better Business Day in Westminster.

With a push towards business for good, a small change in the law will make big changes to the world. It will allow businesses to make decisions in all of our long time interests, helping to grow a fairer and sustainable future.

This change will also make British business more attractive to investors, with a focus on sustainable investment which is set to double in the next five years.

Click here to find out more about the Better Business Act.