BioPaxium Technologies

BioPaxium is a Wrexham based company that focuses on eco-packaging solutions and aims to provide an alternative to the non-recyclable black plastic trays often used in ready meal packaging.

Its founder Peter Davies has worked in the industry for more than a decade, and in that time has travelled across Europe and Asia learning about the materials and the limits of the technology surrounding plastics.

Peter founded BioPaxium in 2017 and has developed a technology that creates eco-friendly materials at a cost roughly 30 to 40% cheaper than market leaders such as China. Using pulp fibres and biopolymer formulations the company offers environmentally friendly solutions for ready meal packaging and modified atmosphere packaging.

The business is seeking investment to open its first UK manufacturing centre in 2019 after extended talks with major food manufacturers.


The advantage of having an enterprise hub on a town square is the fact that there is a natural footfall to serve it – and that’s just how Peter discovered the Hub. He put his head around the door one day and met Community Manager Carl Turner who gave him a tour.

Support Accessed

BioPaxium enjoys all the benefits of Hub membership including internet access, desk space and access to workshops and support seminars. One of the biggest benefits the company makes use of is access to the conference and meeting room. As BioPaxium is a high-growth-potential business, it often needs a more professional environment to meet with potential investors and suppliers, and so the boardroom provides a more corporate space to hold meetings.

Accelerator – BioPaxium Technologies is enrolled on the Accelerator Programme, meaning it is a high-growth business and is expected to achieve a significant turnover and create jobs within 2-3 years. As part of the programme, businesses receive bespoke support from established mentors, matched to the needs of each individual company. Biopaxium has received support focussed around the development of its business plan particularly with an interest in attracting major investment.

Pitch at Palace 10.0

Through the Hub, BioPaxium’s CEO Peter was invited to attend the 10th annual Pitch at Palace Bootcamp event, and then later was chosen to give a three-minute presentation at Buckingham Palace. P@P was founded by the Duke of York in 2014 as a platform to amplify and accelerate the work of entrepreneurs across the UK. The programme connects entrepreneurs and early-stage businesses with potential supporters, including CEOs, influencers, investors, mentors and business partners.

Future Plans

  • Further investment
  • Continuing research and development
  • Securing innovation grants
  • Continue to develop research programmes

“The Hub is a great place for start-ups and small businesses that want to keep costs low as they establish themselves and grow. The space has everything you need and can connect you to a lot of experienced people. Because of the nature of our business, investment to establish our first large-scale manufacturing plant is crucial. One of the great benefits of the Accelerator at the Hub has been to give us access to mentors that can tailor our business plan to meet the criteria investors will want to see.”Peter Davies, CEO, BioPaxium Technologies