Business & Community Magazine Launches in Wrexham

Stefan Paudler & Adam Howarth are the team behind Love Wrexham Magazine, I recently got the chance to catch up with them and chat about everything from Wrexham culture to Love Island. It’s clear these two have a real passion for the town and serving the best interests of the community.

P: Before we get to the magazine people should get to know you, so Adam, can you tell me a little bit about Stefan?

A: Well, he came over here from Germany in the 80’s I believe

S: *90’s*

A: He’s incredibly handy around the house, he’d be able to make a living off of that if he wanted too or as an IT guru as he’s very technically minded.

Stefan here in the office, showing off the merch

P: Stefan, Adam’s been very nice to you there, can you tell me a little bit about Adam?

S: Adam is from Stockport yet supports AC Milan of all places! He can speak Spanish fluently, well as far as I can tell, my Spanish isn’t very good.

P: So let’s talk about Love Wrexham the new magazine you’re launching. What kind of magazine is it?

A: Well it’s a glossy, A5, monthly publication and our first edition is due out at the end of this month. We won’t be delivering through people’s private letterboxes but instead delivering publicly to commercial spaces such as coffee shops, bars, hotels & pubs throughout the entire county, not just the town centre.

S: Something important to us is that this won’t be a community & business magazine that is just stuffed full of adverts. We’ll be featuring local content, interviews with businesses, personalities, poets, bands & more. It won’t be generic content that you can get just anywhere.

Adam enjoying this years Focus Wales, music arts & film festival (2019)

P: A question that’s been asked with many different connotations but why Wrexham?

S: Well, first of all we both live in Wrexham. I had also worked with the team who run our sister publications in Chester & The Wirral and when faced with potential redundancy I made what at the time was a throwaway comment “ well if this all goes wrong, I could always do Love Wrexham”

And my colleague said that’s a great idea and he’d be willing to help me, which really planted a seedling in my head. Then when I told Adam he was excited and said it sounded like a great idea and that he wanted to come on board

A: No one else would hire me! But yeah I thought the idea sounded great and I’ve never done anything like this before, I’ve never been my own boss!

P: You’ve been based here at The Wrexham Enterprise Hub for a few months, can we do a shameless plug and you can tell everyone how awesome we are?

A: The whole experience has been nothing but positive. When we found this place, free digs, free printing, free wifi, free coffee! We thought it was too good to be true but it is the real deal. Not to mention that just by sitting here in the hub we’ve picked up three businesses who want to advertise and collaborate with us.

S:  Also the courses! We’ve attended some fantastic workshops here that have been invaluable for us.

A: and the three of you, Carl, Victoria and yourself. You’re always there to help. We didn’t ask you for this interview you asked us because you were aware of our magazine launching and go out of your way to help us.

S: We’re not just saying that because you have us at gunpoint!


P: We appreciate that! I wasn’t originally going to ask this question but I saw something online the other day and wanted to pick your brains on it, the value of print in what many people are calling a ‘digital age’ what’s your take?

S: Print has been abandoned by a lot of people but in turn that has left a massive gap because not everyone is or prefers their information to be digital.

A: We are in competition with peoples phones and laptops but that just means we have to up our game and ensure the quality of the publication from content to appearance is enough to pull people from their phones. Even though it’s a bit corny I would love for one of our strap lines to become “I wonder what’s in it this month?”.

P: Lastly, any recommendations for good TV shows, books, films, things to do on the weekend?

A: Personally I’ve just finished Breaking Bad for the second time on Netflix. I had to watch it again!

S: Well we have been thinking about making a new segment of our own called Love Island Green but the copyright might be a bit blatant!

Be sure to look out for Love Wrexham’s July 1st launch, stay tuned for the launch of the website & if you have a story you think should be told, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

I’ve got all the faith the guys will succeed but if anything happens I think we can all agree that there is a definite market out there for Love Island Green.