Cowork Local – Get Your 10 Free Day Passes!

TownSq are launching the next phase of Cowork Local in January to enable you to work somewhere new in 2022. 

Our pilot in summer 2021 was very well received and so we’re rolling the platform out to a wider area helping people to work closer to home.

Cowork Local is the perfect alternative for:

  • people wanting to work more flexibly one or two days a week
  • teams and employers looking to embrace a more flexible way of working
  • New startups and freelancers 

Working from home isn’t great for everyone, and getting back to the commute isn’t good news for our planet. We created Cowork Local to help open up local spaces and give people better options.

If you live in Wales and want to work closer to home, or if you have or know of a venue which would be a great local coworking space, register now. If you register your interest before the end of January you get 10 free day passes, with no further commitment required. 

Our priority areas of focus will be Denbighshire, the Vale of Glamorgan and Swansea, but let us know if you are interested but live outside of these areas as we will be onboarding spaces further afield very soon. 

To find out more about Cowork Local
and to register for your 10 free coworking day passes visit

Work local on Cowork Local.