Get To Know Community Manager Lucy Wendon!

Let’s Start with a question you should know the answer to, what’s your name & job role?

My name is Lucy and I am the Community Manager of the Eco Business Centre in Bicester

Important question now. What was the first album you ever bought? and what was the last album you bought?

Ok I am completely honest there was a boy I fancied in a jazz band I used to sing in and he was really into Miles Davies. So I think Miles Davis – Birth of the Cool was the first one. I don’t see the boy anymore but I still listen to the music.

Most recently I downloaded Carole Kings- Tapestry and I was just blown away by it.

So life before Town Square. What were you doing & what attracted you to this company?

For the last 19 years I have pretty much worked in hospitality, which ended with me running a group of restaurants in Oxford and Bristol. After so much time in one industry I was restless and looking for a new challenge. So when I saw the job advertisement and I started reading up about Town Square Spaces, it just felt right.

Tell me a bit more about The Eco Business Centre itself.

This building is the most amazing building to work from. We’re the first non domestic Passivhaus Plus building in the country which means the building makes more energy than it uses and is built to a carbon neutral standard.

On top of that it’s really comfortable to work from because of the natural light and airflow with the building keeping an ambient temperature of 23 degrees.

If someone out there is hearing this and is curious about working from the building, what services are on offer?

We have a huge range of events and workshops to help people learn brand new skills relating to business growth and support. If workshops aren’t your thing we also have one on one expert clinics with professionals for Bookkeeping, PR, Digital Skills and loads more, including free tea & coffee! We recently supported over 50 businesses through a digital skills training day and have become an eScalate hub to help support social enterprises through a series of workshops and events.

We are currently recruiting for our second round of Startup Club which is a 12 week programme dedicated to helping people get their business ideas off the ground with an expert speaker each week and a free supper!

What would you say to people who are already working from home and are thinking, “well why do I need an office or coworking space?”

I’ve often found that people who work from home can sometimes end up working from 6 in the morning until 11 at night but they’re not actually being productive for all of that time because of the distractions and the fact no one is checking up on them, there’s always dishes to wash or dogs to walk. Whereas coming to a space that is dedicated to working in those hours really helps to focus that time with structure.

The flexibility of our building also means you can work in peace and quiet or you can be working alongsideĀ  coworkers which brings about really organic networking opportunities and chances to discuss ideas with like minded people, the person who you’ve been sat next to for the first few months could even end up being your companies graphic designer, you just never know!

Hard question to finish on. Hollywood is making Lucy Wendon the film, who is your dream casting to play you?

That’s an impossible question Pete! So the younger me…Gal Gadot and the older me…Julie Walters!

If you’d like to find out more about The Eco Business Centre and actually meet Lucy in person feel free to drop her an email with any enquiries on

We think she’s fitting in great and can’t wait to see what exciting events Lucy puts on next.