The Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2022

This year marks the 10 year anniversary of The Great British Entrepreneur Awards programme.

Gareth Jones and Mandy Weston, founders of TownSq were named Startup Entrepreneurs of the year at the Great British Entrepreneur Regional Awards 2019.

Since their win, TownSq has continued to expand, opening up more hubs across the country in  London, Wrexham, Rhyl, West Sussex, Oxfordshire, Devon and Cardiff. Driven by changing systems, Gareth is passionate about improving the ways that entrepreneurs and their employees work.

Now positioned on the judging panel, Gareth looks forward to seeing the new enterprise on offer.

Gareth said that the Great British Entrepreneur Awards are a great way to boost the outlook of an entrepreneurs career and that: “We’re big backers of startup success at TownSq and winning a GBEA award gave us a great platform to build upon.” 

“Being a judge in an awards process like this is a real privilege, but for me highlights why these awards are the Oscars of the UK business world. A thorough process which brings best in class judges together to robustly debate the merits of each candidate – creating a true reflection of the cream of the crop.”

Applications for the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2022 are now open! If you know an entrepreneur who you think has what it takes to become a 2022 Great British Entrepreneur, you can nominate them here: