The Wrexham Enterprise Hub: What Impact Has It Had on the Town?

The Wrexham Enterprise Hub is a Business Wales project run by Town Square Spaces. After an exciting build up consisting of a series of pop up Startup Clubs, Pint of Town Square events and of course a few montages of us moving furniture, the doors opened in May 2018 with an official cut of the ribbon from Ken Skates.

Since then we have met some truly incredible people, witnessed the creation of brand new businesses & we’re now in a position where we’re hiring a brand new team member following the promotions of all three previous staff members.

This is all well & good but what impact has the hub actually had on the town and the community of Wrexham? Together with Mike Corcoran we complied this mini impact report to really understand how these individual stories have contributed towards a much bigger picture for Wrexham.

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