Town Square are recruiting!

Community Manager, Bicester Eco Centre 

Our team is growing!

We are really excited to announce that we are recruiting for a new role as Community Manager of the Eco Business Centre in the new estate of Elmsbrook in Bicester North. The building is exceptional – it is the most energy efficient commercial building in the UK – we are looking for someone who is passionate about the environment and effective in supporting others to achieve their potential.

We are building an entrepreneurial community from scratch, so we need a hard-working, passionate, and upbeat person to help us to achieve our ambitious objectives for the coming year. 

The responsibilities for the new job role are based on three key areas of focus:   

~ Organising awesome events

~ Recruiting and supporting members

~ Maintaining and developing partnerships

You will be passionate about helping people to overcome all unnecessary barriers on their way to success with their enterprise, idea, or vocation. You will be the kind of person who leaves all cynicism at the door, and believes 100% in the vision and dedication of the person who is opening their heart and sharing their idea with you. You will be driven to connect them to the best people across the world who will help them to get to where they want to be faster, leaner, and in the most successful way.

You might not know it all yet, but boy oh boy will you have a thirst for knowledge and be open to learn all about how to support early-stage entrepreneurs to grow and develop, and the international trends across the global start-up world.

There is no traditional career path to this role, and no pre-requisite qualifications – you may have been involved in enterprise support, you may have trained in hospitality, you may be a lawyer who fancies a change, or you may have been a beekeeper since you were 14 – but attitude is key for us. If you are willing to think as an entrepreneur thinks, you are already at an advantage.

The salary for this post will be between £27,000 – £33,000 and the role is a full-time position.

If you would like  more information, or a formal job description, please contact us on 02921 111 252, or make your case on a slidedeck to apply, and send it over to by 5pm on Monday 3rd June. 

Good luck!