Weekly10 is a Wrexham-based software company that has developed a platform that is designed to increase employee engagement in organisations around the world. Focussed around a 10-minute check-in it engages employees and empowers managers to support their staff. Users take 10 minutes to answer some simple questions about their work, achievements and issues, which is then fed to the managers who can comment and provide feedback on these responses. The platform is available on the web and via a mobile app, allowing employees to check-in anywhere.

Based on research, the process is targeted at supporting changing attitudes in the HR industry to employee engagement and inclusivity. The SaaS (Software as a Service) aims to instil a culture of feedback at an organisation, leading to a more transparent and inclusive feel amongst a business’s staff and management.

Weekly10 launched in late 2017 and now has a growing customer base across the UK. It is currently raising equity to fund the next stage of development which will focus on Machine Learning powered analytics, to bring new organisational insights to HR and senior management.


Founder Andrew Roberts joined the Hub through its five to nine programme, where he developed the business part-time until leaving his job and going full-time at the Hub at the end of 2018.

Support Accessed

Weekly10 enjoys all the benefits of Hub membership including internet access, desk space and access to workshops and support seminars. Andrew has received day one support from the Hub, meaning that his journey from concept through to creation has taken place within the walls on Rhosddu Road. This began with:

Five to Nine Club – Andrew first began to develop Weekly10 whilst a member of the five to nine programme, a group that supports those with a business idea, but who are not ready to give up their nine-to-five just yet. Based at the Hub, the programme helps founders shape and grow their idea until it is in a position to launch, providing all the advice, guidance and introductions necessary to give the concept every chance of getting off the ground.

Accelerator – After launching, Weekly10 was identified as suitable for the Accelerator Programme, meaning it is a high-growth business and is expected to achieve a significant turnover and create jobs within 2-3 years. As part of the programme, businesses receive bespoke support from established mentors, matched to the needs of each individual company. Andrew and Weekly10 received support focussed around accountancy, business structure masterclasses and pitching guidance.

Future Plans

  • Further investment
  • Continuing research and development in machine learning and AI
  • Continue to grow our Enterprise client base
  • Expand into wider markets

“The staff at the Hub have been amazing. From arranging training sessions for us through to introducing us to partners and collaborators, the support has been second to none. Without the five to nine club and the Accelerator support, we would not have been able to get Weekly10 so far so fast. The hub has given us strong foundations for rapid growth into 2019, and with its continued support, we have everything we need to continue to scale.” – Andrew Roberts, Founder, Weekly10