Which Startup Club Programme is Right for Me?

This autumn, we are delighted to announce two new dates for our Startup Club programmes, both of which begin later this month. Our highly popular eight week Startup Club is now open for the 15th edition, while we are also very excited to launch a brand new programme called Startup Club Fast track. With two great programmes to choose from, you are no doubt wondering which one is the right fit for you? Here’s a brief overview of both to help you choose.

Startup Club 8 Week Programme

Our original startup club is an eight-week programme that first launched back in August 2017. Since then, we have helped dozens of aspiring entrepreneurs to find out the basics of business and explore their ideas through a series of informative and engaging workshops. Our cohorts have also been able to tap into the knowledge of experts in a diverse range of fields, as well as enjoy the support offered by a group of like-minded individuals.

Who is Startup Club 8 Week Programme for?

Startup Club is the perfect choice if you are thinking about starting a business but not sure if entrepreneurship is for you. It’s also great if you feel you lack the knowledge of running a business or find the whole idea attractive but daunting.

The programme is designed to fit into your free time and is open to anybody – whether you are working, studying or not currently in employment. You don’t need any previous experience of running a business or even a concrete plan – our hosts will help you to come up with ideas and help you to decide if they are viable. You’ll also have all the tools to get started when you are ready if you decide that running a business is right for you.

To find out more and sign up head to >https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/startup-club-8-week-programme-tickets-119591566595<

Startup Club Fast Track

Our brand new Startup Club Fast track has been created in response to the challenges we are facing due to the covid19 pandemic. It is aimed at people who have decided that entrepreneurship is their best option and need to get a business idea off the ground as soon as possible to support themselves financially.

It has been specially developed for people who have skills or knowledge they can use to earn an income but have been forced to take the leap into entrepreneurship because of a recent or imminent change in their circumstances (often called ‘necessity entrepreneurship’).  The programme is comprised of five sessions taking place over a period of two weeks.

Who is Startup Club Fast Track for?

Startup Club Fast track is designed for people who really need to get their business idea going now, and simply don’t have the time to wait. If you are ready to go but unsure about the best way to get your business set up and trading, we will give you the tools you need to get started and position yourself for success.

Thanks to a series of practical workshops with actionable take-homes, you will be able to apply what you learn immediately so that you can build your confidence and get up and running by the end of the programme.

To find out more and sign up head to >https://wales.business-events.org.uk/en/events/startup-club-fasttrack/<