Wrexham Enterprise Hub Hosts Polish Heritage Day

Here at Town Square we’re committed to building business and creating community, so we recently opened our doors at The Wrexham Enterprise Hub to host a Polish Heritage Day.

Supported by the Polish Integration Support Centre the day was a showcase for the talents and businesses that have been helped by the Siema Biz Forum set up by a hub member Monya Fracowiak and Business Wales Advisor Clive Barnard.

Clive said, “The hub has been an important resource that has stimulated the growth of inclusive projects with several community groups.

One of the most successful initiatives has been the creation of two Polish groups: SIEMA Biz Forum (a business support group for Polish entrepreneurs) and PISC (a new social enterprise that provides a range of welfare services to Polish families and schools).

These initiatives have demonstrated the benefits of all local communities and stakeholders working together to resource and find solutions to many issues.

A highlight so far has been the celebration of Polish Heritage Day which was a demonstration of how the Polish community have integrated with the local community and also retained their identity. The day was packed with displays and activities that showcased the best of Polish people and their businesses and the fact that they chose the hub to host the event is a demonstration of the value that minority groups put on having such a resource open to them.”

With everything from culinary treats, military vehicle displays and taekwondo, the day was a success for all ages and we will definitely be doing it again.

Describing the day Monika said:

Polish Heritage Day (PHD) was a meaningful event for the local Poles and their friends with a huge positive impact on multicultural relationships by cross-cultural engagement that contributed to the PHD being such a success. 
We have had stalls and crafts from the Polish, Portuguese, Welsh and British communities and we were all operating and having fun as one big family. 
PHD is celebrated over the month of May due to Polish National Flag Day being celebrated on May 2nd, followed by Polish Constitution Day on May 3rd. For these reasons, the Polish Embassy in London initiated the PHD 3 years ago, where we celebrate our culture, folklore and characteristics such as friendliness, dedication and strength, together with our neighbours from other communities organised by the Polish Integration Support Centre known as PISC. 
The people behind the PISC are Anna Brons, Monya Frackowiak and Paulina Jecz and although this was their first ever event, it certainly won’t be the last after all the amazing feedback from guests craving more multicultural events like this.”
We definitely want to do it all again…but we need a few hours sleep first!