The Wrexham Enterprise Hub is Open for Business – Carl Turner

The wait is finally over and we’re really excited to say that Ken Skates officially opened the Wrexham Enterprise Hub on May 17th 2018 and we cannot wait to work with the Wrexham community!  

The Wrexham Enterprise Hub is a Business Wales project delivered by the team at Town Square. The hub is a convening space for freelancers, founders, business owners, and the community to work together to grow successful and sustainable ventures in a creative and collaborative environment. With expert support and guidance, the hub aims to be a catalyst for tackling global issues at a local level.

Rob Corcoran of 73 Degree Films and Heulwyn Roberts of Heulwyn Roberts Photography

Speaking at the launch event were 5-9 Club alumni, Heulwyn Roberts of Heulwyn Roberts Photography, and Rob Corcoran of 73 Degree Films who both showed some of their work and discussed the importance of having such a resource in the centre of the town.

A few weeks into my role, and after being sworn to secrecy, Mandy gave me a tour of what would be our new home; “the Old Iceland Building” and “Pebbles”. On opening the doors I was greeted by a sea of wicker chairs, mahogany cabinets, and a distinct smell of chips – we definitely had some work on our hands.

But this was going to be a labour of love that we were certain was going to work (even in December when our furniture arrived during a blizzard).

I’m the first to admit that I can’t conceive how building work seems to just.. happen and was amazed to see on every visit I made to the hub something radically changed.

It could just be the removal of a bain-marie:

Or a hole in a wall:

Or the laying of some nice carpets:

Everything leading to the creation of this incredible place that I can now call home.

Our main coworking space
“Pebbles” area

Our members get fully funded support that gives access to our coworking space, boardroom facilities, event space, café style area, regular events to support you business, expert surgeries, a random white room (we’ll let you decide what it will be used for), the list goes on.

If this sounds like a place you want to be in we’re looking for our next members; we’re open to freelancers, founders, and anyone who doesn’t quite know how to label themselves just yet. Contact us at the hub by following the link or using the form at the bottom of the page so we can grab a coffee and give you a tour.

Want to help? Amazing! If you’re a mentor or a role model that can spare time for whether it be one to one sessions or a one-off two hour workshop we’d love to have your support at the hub so please do get in touch. Having other founders to share experiences with and gaining a unique viewpoint of challenges you may have overcome in your career contributes to an increased confidence when needed most.

Lastly, we’re here to be used. If you’re looking to run an event or workshop in town that you feel will benefit ours or the wider community we’re here for you. We have two large event spaces and private meeting areas that can accommodate most activities.

Hi, Pete

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has supported the Wrexham Enterprise Hub as we couldn’t have got to this stage without you – we can’t wait to see what the future will bring.


p.s if video is your thing here’s some before and after tours.