What if everyone could walk to work?

We’ve spent the summer thinking about one question – what if everyone could walk to work?

If we can resist the urge to go back to how things were, we stand to gain a lot. Our environment, local economies, infrastructure, families, well-being and health systems all benefit if we think about how we choose to work in the future.

You can read the report here. We want this to be a starting point for a discussion about the way we do things in the future. We create our spaces in communities that typically have a high number of outbound commuters. We believe there’s a better way which will benefit future generations.

We’re incredibly grateful to Mike Corcoran, an important member of our Wrexham community, for pulling together the paper. We think it does a great job of setting out why now is the time to act, we hope you do too.

Please get in touch with us either by email or social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), we’d love to hear your thoughts.