Mazuma is the UK’s leading online accountancy service for small and micro-businesses.


Back in 2006 cloud accounting software didn’t exist. In fact, the internet was barely more than an online brochure for most accounting firms. Small businesses, micro businesses and sole traders had a difficult relationship with accountants, typically seeing them once a year and dreading the tax bill (and the accountants bill!).

Lucy Cohen, at just 23 years old, had spotted this pattern in her family. Mazuma was created drawing on Lucy’s childhood experiences of seeing the stress and anxiety that tax can cause for people. Growing up in a family of self-employed creatives she noticed that they were fantastic at what they did, but not so great with the tax and accounts side of their businesses. Spotting a gap in the market for low cost, subscription-based accountancy services, Mazuma was born.

The first in the UK to launch a subscription model for accountancy services, Mazuma now an award-winning service with its own app, online platform and proprietary technology specifically designed for its market. By 2023, it is forecast to have over 10,000 subscribers across the UK.


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