TownSq is 3 years old!

We’re celebrating our 3rd anniversary with lots of news and announcements!

Emma Sims Publishes Her First Book!

Ever since Emma Sims was 8 years old she has dreamed of writing & publishing a book, a dream which became reality in October 2020.

It’s Time to Boot the Commute

Most people feel a sense of dread when they think of the commute – and for good reason.

What if everyone could walk to work?

We’ve spent the summer thinking about one question, inspired by the lifestyle changes we’ve all had to make this year

Which Startup Club Programme is Right for Me?

With two great programmes to choose from, you are no doubt wondering which one is the right fit for you? Here’s a brief overview of both to help you choose.

Work Completes at the Track Bognor Regis

“I would strongly encourage interested parties to book an appointment to take a tour of the space and see how it can help their local business to blossom through working in a creative, collaborative environment.”

Meet a member: Allan Longshadow

It is difficult because you have to keep the financial hat on but creativity isn’t there to make us money

Meet a Member: Sara Arkle

I like to think that the client is a person riding a bike who has just had their stabilisers taken off and I’m the person holding on to the back of the bike.

Catrin Design

Catrin Design

Catrin Design is a graphic design business specialising in branding and identity for small to medium businesses.

Meet a Member : Adam Crump

Since becoming a photographer it’s made me see Wrexham in a completely new light