Meet a member: Allan Longshadow

It is difficult because you have to keep the financial hat on but creativity isn’t there to make us money

Meet a Member: Litegreen

I was surprised by the personal development because at heart I’m actually a bit of an introvert and setting up a business you have to really step out of your comfort zone .

Meet a Member: Sara Arkle

I like to think that the client is a person riding a bike who has just had their stabilisers taken off and I’m the person holding on to the back of the bike.

Catrin Design

Catrin Design is a graphic design business specialising in branding and identity for small to medium businesses.

Meet a Member : Adam Crump

Since becoming a photographer it’s made me see Wrexham in a completely new light

Meet a Member: Alex Perkins

“I’ve been paid £5,000 for a job and  £0 for a job but clients of each type are both equally as valuable as each other.”

Love Wrexham

We publish Love Wrexham Magazine, a monthly business and community magazine for Wrexham town and county.

TownSq launches Startup Club online

We’re making online workshops available every day for FREE

PF Director

PF Director is intelligent cloud advisory software for accountants in practice which makes giving advice easier than ever before. The software helps accountants to consider the business owner and their family first, before moving on to their business.

Meet a Member: Julia Chaplin

Community Assistant Pete recently caught up with Virtual Assistant Julia Chaplin to talk everything from business support to Love Actually.